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Shsl Poet
Basic--....The basics

First Name: Koharu
Last Name: MIYAKO
Age: 17
Blood Type: O
Height: 5'5
Weight: 130
Skin Color: Pale
Hair Color: Black
Hair Style: Wavy Long
Eye Color: Green
Super Duper High School Level/Ultimate: Poet

Physical Description--Attire and Misc. (clothing, jewelry, tattoos, etc)

On Head: Brown beret
On Neck: black choker
On Torso: n/a
On Right Arm: feather symbol for a writer
On Left Arm: n/a
On Waist: brown matching skirt
On Right Leg: black ripped leggings
On Left Leg: black ripped leggings
On Right Foot: grey boots
On Left Foot: grey boots

Loves: Edgar Allan Poe
Likes: Dark Area's
Dislike: Loud noises
Hate: Laziness

Pet Peeves: not being able to be believed in
Fears: graveyards
Murder--Okay look. In Danganronpa almost everyone to anyone can murder someone...So, what's the most likely way your OC would do it?

Probably would only kill in self defense or immediately stresses out and kills someone

Execution--We all know the Dangan Ronpa Universe, so here's where you gotta think about how Manokuma would off your OC

Pft, well from her beliefs in Satan she would be hung on a cross and monokuma would become the pope/priest and summon ghosts into her body infecting her soul and leading her to kill her self to escape XD lol I have no good imagination
Quirks--Welp, just as it says, Quirks
Getting nervous or blushing when people compliment or give off a flirtatious vibe
Bad Habits: she is a Tsundere so that's all that's needed to be explained

Background--Give at least five to ten sentences to describe their upbringing (also, don't forget How'd they find out their Super Duper High School Level/Ultimate)

Well, she grew up being alone , well her parents were like children which led to her hatred of childish behavior. So basically, she grew up taking care of them and being the mother/slave. Leading to her failing school from the stress and making her outcasted which also led to bullying and harassment from others. Soon enough, this guy she liked for a while turns out to be a complete asshole by asking her to a dance making her feel good about herself. She kept a diary of all the poetry she has written about her issues and life , which a couple girls stole and read it to everyone in the school, with her not knowing just yet. Okay, before the dance, this creepy group of like, Satan worshippers or despised everyone in school find her as a culprit and kin-dapped her as she was walking alone for the dance. Tried putting a Spirt into her and using her to take the souls and gives them somewhere to stay. This failed and they gave up since the police came while they were in the ally way, and arrested them, since it was basically a crime. She escaped finally and got to the dance not as good at she looked before. The votes got changed by a group of popular people and she got elected like "prom" queen with the asshole of the guy she thought she liked.
(Basing it off Bloody Mary)
She gets up there, they cheer, they spill blood on her and laugh at her, with the guy laughing too, and then the one girl reads her poetry book out loud discovering her bad relationship with her parents and the issues she goes through, making her feel embarrassed. So she freaks out and stresses the hell out and by the souls that failed to get inside she had a little curse inside her, she she burned the school down and almost everyone died GAHA, soon she was going to be placed into a mental asylum but instead they took her to the Dangan ronpa school of talented inmates.

Relationships with characters from drv3 coming soon
It sucks I know
So my real life friend Devin isn't my friend since he is actually a large douche so I deleted all my art with him and now don't have anyone else to ship my South Park OC with so I'm taking a big break and just drawing Dangan Ronpa and my main OC.... just too much...:(


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Katy Marshall
Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
United States
Welcome !!

br/>I am not the best artist, nor do I feel like I am the worst but, that's not the point in my talent. I draw to express my feelings, emotions, problems. Sadly I had many issues growing up, I developed Bi-Polar disorder and major depression. But that lead me to draw and become good at what I do!

I am only 15 years old, my orientation is Pansexual. I mostly lean towards females though. I waste half my life watching anime and South Park. I have many fandoms such as, Hunter X Hunter, One punch man, South Park, Dangan Ronpa, and Osomatsu-San.

I have main OC -
Captain Kazumie

Kaharu Mikayo

I do take request and art trades any time because I love making art for others and getting the same thing in return. I am not a professional at drawing so please don't be so descriptive of your requests.

I spend a lot of time on my phone and tablet so I usually will post frequently. I hope to make many friends here! I am not good at being sociable though since I'm inverted and anti-social. But that won't stop me from trying!

Sorry if this bio is plain and doesn't have many GIFS and such I am new here so I don't know how to quite do it.

Thank you so much for viewing my gallery I really hope this makes a big impact on my art!

I am too lazy to make this bio cool so fml


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